about me

Hi, I’m Joana Bueta and I worked as a Senior Designer at The Brief Lab, a Sheffield Company, a boutique agency in Chicago fro the past six years. I created visual concepts, by hand drawn illustrations or using Adobe Creative Suite, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate consumers. I helped develop the overall layout and production design for presentations, marketing tools, brochures, magazines, digital publications and corporate reports.


I was also given a opportunity to create illustrations for the book [brief] Make a bigger impact by saying less, by Joe McCormack. From there, I also supported the design team in creating the brand. It was a great learning experience for someone like me who just started working as a designer at that time.


Nothing excites me more than challenging myself to be more creative. Working at a boutique agency helped me develop a strong design foundation that helped a number of Fortune 500 companies tell a clear and concise visual story. I am fortunate to work with very talented people who helped me hone my skills in graphic design, marketing, digital publishing, brand, animation, illustrations, print and web. I always push myself to learn more and discover new and better ways to create great design. I think of myself as an observer and a problem solver. I aspire to improve my skills and exceed expectations.